Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Life: Summer Part 1

I love this time of year
Because it's 
and the
are just waiting to Happen
I have decided this summer that instead of letting my pictures just sit in a file on my computer I would attempt to start the Project Life like I have seen everywhere online. Instead of doing the actual Project Life I found a similar template that Sherelle Christensen had made and I thought I would experiment with it and see how I liked it and if I could even handle doing this the digital way. But so far I have liked it because it has forced me to keep on learning how to use Photoshop and it is mess free. Another big perk about it is I don't have to print off pictures, I can just download the billion pictures I have taken and create a quick page. So far they are not anything to spectacular but Hey at least I'm doing something..  So with that said here is Part One: of our Summer Adventures.


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jill said...

Love that you are doing sister does this every year! I need to start just not motivated enough yet! Maybe when I have a little more organization in my life...that will never happen!!