Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{Life After Friday Night Lights}

Travis and I have netflix through his xbox and on weekends we like to go through it and try and find something new to watch. About 3 weeks ago we were bored of watching movies and we wanted to get into a new TV series. We were having a hard time agreeing on which one to watch because Travis wanted Dragon Ball Z {which I guess reminds him of his childhood} and I wanted Desperate Housewives. Well obviously he wasn't going to give in to me so as we were scanning through we saw {Friday Night Lights}. We decided we would give it one episode to see if it was worth our time and here we are three weeks later!!

I feel like that for the last three weeks I have done nothing but watched this series. And while I am not watching it I am thinking about it, {while I am sitting at work all I could think about was how excited I was to get home so we could watch more episodes.}

I actually went to dinner with Trav's mom and my sister in laws last week and we saw this random guy sitting by myself and he keep looking at us{kind of creepily} , and I felt like this has just happened to me so I was thinking about where and when that would have taken place and than I realized it didn't happen to me it happened to Tyra from Friday Night Lights, so I guess that gives a little picture of how revolved my life has been around this show.

We just finished season 3 Monday night and the last couple of nights Travis and I have felt like we are missing something... I guess now it gives us time to spend outside in the good weather we've been having {That is if its stays around long enough}