Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Just Beachy}

{Have I ever told you how nice it is not having to work?} And this is why! I've been able to pick up and go without having to plan a week or two in advance to get the day off. Also I haven't been outside this much since the summer I was dating Travis {which was one of my favorite summers}

Like most of you who live in Idaho we think the summer is too short, Travis & I daydream of moving to a place like California or Vegas so we can have this weather all year round.

It has been so much fun taking Aniston on all these adventures; she loves keeping busy & being outside!

Here's a few of the places we have gone

1. Rigby Lake with Trav's family
I'm obsessed with taking pictures in her swimsuits and this hat. I just Love them

{Grandma Debbie& Shelby}

2. Jensen's Grove with Camber's family
{Another swimsuit shot} This swimsuit was given to Aniston from her Aunt Whittney & Uncle Ryan who live in Texas and it is so cute{thanks again guys}... And I couldn't resist taking a picture of the fat rolls on her legs.
3.Lava Hot Springs

Here's a few random shots of what else we have been up to:

Matching T-shirts... I always love it when we randomly wear the same shirt on the same day.
Devry, Audree & I had a bachelorette finale party. {We were rooting for J.P so we wore our PJ's} and had these dessert nachos, popcorn, Chili's chips and salsa & Hot Mac!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

{Happiest Place on Earth}

At the beginning of July Aniston and I went to Disneyland with my mom and Melody for FCCLA Nationals. I was so nervous to go because Aniston is not the easiest baby so I thought it might be one tough week, But I can tell you Disneyland is truly the {HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH} because she came home a changed baby!

She was at a perfect age because she was not old enough to be scared of the scenes on the rides but yet she was so intrigued.

Here's a look at our week in pics.

{Exciting Plane ride to California}{Meeting Characters}

{Day at Huntington Beach} or "Heaven on Earth"- as our taxi driver would say

Melody left a day before we flew out and went straight to be with Bryan in Virginia so this was Aniston giving her goodbye hugs.