Sunday, January 31, 2010

{A Day of Simple Pleasures}

This Friday work was a little slow, so they have what we call low census days, so it was either go in to work for two hours or take the day off. I gladly offered to just take the whole day off. {I can't tell you how excited I was.} Thursday night I stopped by the Movie gallery and prepped for my long weekend. I started the weekend off by staying up late and watching some movies. Friday I got up at 8:30 so excited to start my day off, which is funny because every day when I get up for work I just wish I could sleep in, but I have to admit a little of my mom has rubbed off on me because when it comes to days off I don't want to waste it being lazy...
So throughout the day I was able to paint part of my living room, make some vinyl lettering, clean and do laundry. I decided with my day off I needed to do something nice for Travis so I planned a date night. We started at home with a nice dinner I had made and next we went to Idaho Falls to go see {When In Rome} and than to Jamba Juice. It was a perfect way to end my day off.

Sometimes I forget how great life is and Friday help me put things back into perspective.

{Date Night Picture}
{Trav's wishful thinking that our date night would involve COD} P.S. it did not!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{ Party Like A "Rock"star}

For Christmas Travis and I got {RockBand} with a Country music pack and it is so much fun to play. But not only is it fun to play it is very entertaining to watch; It was so much having the game over the {holidays} cause we would have family come over almost every night and we would play for hours. P.S. the very talented girl in the video is my niece Cambree {The next Hannah Montana} oh and her back up singer is My sister Melody.
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