Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYU Frenzy

This past weekend Trav's buddy that has season tickets to the BYU football games wasn't able to go so he volunteered his 3 tickets to us. At first we thought it would be a great escape for the two of us, but Travis just couldn't get it out of his head how guilty he would feel going to a BYU game without his dad. ( His dad Mike is one the biggest BYU football fans that I know, maybe thats because I don't personally know that many) We had three tickets so it made since not to let the third one go to waste plus Travis thought it would be a great early birthday present for Mike. The trip just kept evolving because Andy (Trav's youngest brother) just got home from his mission about 2 weeks ago and I thought it would be a great time for the 3 of them to get to spend time together at the football game. So I ended up getting Melody's roomates ticket for the game.

We headed down to Provo right after work on Friday and spent the night and Saturday morning I was itching to go shopping at Forever 21 so I sent the boys to a movie and Melody and I started shopping. We started out trying to find the BYU bookstore so I could get a BYU shirt for the game because we would stand out in the student section without one so we found some cool shirts for the game. Than we spent about a full hour and a half just in Forever 21!! I am in love with that store. Here's where it fits on the top 5 things I love. 1. Travis 2. Dr.Pepper 3. FOREVER 21 4. Rumbi Grill 5. taking baths

So while Mel and I were sitting at the game Katie text us and asked if we were there. We told her the direction we were in so she could start looking for us. Well lets just say Melody and I weren't hard to find with our bright green and pink jackets. She text us and said oh how ridiculous you couldn't be wearing anything brighter. It only took her about a minute to pick us out of a crowd of only like 40,000 people. ( We get it from our mom, when would go to Disneyland as a kid my mom would pick out a bright yellow clothing and make every single one of us wear it so we could find each easily if we ever got lost. I guess it just stuck with us.!)

Rupes Reunion

So Melody came home last weekend from Provo. So she had mentioned getting together for dinner with Kapri and Jessica. As they were trying to arrange where we should meet up Jeesica mentioned Rupes. There's nothing better than dinner from Rupes except for maybe being there with some of our best friends. What made it even better is that all of our husbands decided to come. The funny part is we all had to convince them to go because they thought it was just the girls but once we told them the other guys would be there they all decided to go( I think they almost had a better time than us girls.)

We sat in Rupes for almost 3 hours talking it was so much fun and we definetly need to do it more often while we can because who knows where everyone will be in a year or two.