Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Baby Shower}

About two weeks ago I had my baby shower and no one knows how to throw parties like the {Anthony family} & Devry! It was above and beyond. I am so lucky to have such a great family, Devry your included in that... Thanks to them and all those who came I now feel a lot more prepared. Here are a few pictures of the decorations, food, guests and presents. It was the perfect day! I again am so grateful for all those around us who give us constant Love & Support....
I got a lot of great things and i feel a lot more prepared!

{All my family and friends who came} I'm so glad to have such great friends and family!
This was the amazing {Food}. As most of you know my sister Melody teaches foods and she experiments with a lot of recipes so for the shower she made a few of her top hits like Pear and blue cheese salad, shrimp salad in phyllo cups and rumbi rice bowls! Kellie also made cake balls and birds nests which were both delicious. And for the birds nest Melody found the hard mini cadbury eggs that really you can only buy at Easter time but she was able to get some from the black market or {ebay}! I love those things... My sisters definitely know how to go the extra mile to throw a party!
The decorations around the house were so cute and added the perfect touch to the bird themed party, but one of my favorite things was this painting! And here's the story behind why, every time I go to Target I eye the painting like in the top picture{ sorry it's a bad picture} but being the cheap person I can sometimes be I would never buy it. So when I showed up to my mom's house for the shower I was so excited cause I saw the painting Well what makes it even better is that Melody actually drew and painted it herself... I am very impressed it looks just like the Target version if not better!

{A special thanks again to My mom, Kellie, Camber, Melody and Devry}