Thursday, July 18, 2013


 I can't even believe it but my little guy just turned ONE! We had such a fun day celebrating with our Cops and Robbers themed birthday party. Of course Aniston had a hard time understanding that it was Beckham's birthday and not hers but don't worry she has taken ownership of all his new toys.

 When I hear people say they are expecting I get this first instinct of like jealously and than I think about it for a minute I'm not jealous that I am not pregnant! Its more of a jealousy of the experience of those first days. I know it sounds crazy but the whole process of labor, the first moments of seeing your newborn, seeing the people you love meet them for the first time, it all holds this special place in your heart! But Birthdays take me back to that experience and that feeling and I love it. And I love all the memories we have had in this first year. Thanks for coming into our lives Beckham and blessing us so much.