Sunday, September 9, 2012

{What A Blessing}

Count Your Blessings
Name them one by one:

Being a mother to Both Beckham and Aniston is one of the greatest Blessings in my life.
A loving Husband who works so hard for our family so that I can stay home and raise our kids.
{Best family portrait of all time!}
Our Families
We are so grateful for their continual Love and Support.  Aniston loves all her aunts, uncles and cousins 
And she especially Loves her Grandma's& Grandpa's
{there's our sweet girl we know & love}

We are so grateful for our generations of examples

Our Friends

Geakon as Aniston would call him. We are so grateful that we get to live so close to these guys, when we are having a rough day it can always be turned around by letting her go play cars with Deakon. 

We truly have so much to be grateful for! I love having days like Beckham's Blessing day that remind us of everything that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with!