Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{When it rains it pours}

{That is exactly how this winter has felt for me.} My family has been through a lot with 3 family members having surgery, 2 happy additions {Aniston & Brighton}, losing 2 grandmas within a month, a blessing & a baptism! As you can see with all the good that we have experienced, it has come with its amount of sadness.
Each of these experiences has given me the chance to ponder and realize that I am indeed blessed and have a Heavenly Father who is there to comfort in my time of need. I guess sometimes it takes these experiences to help you put life in perspective.

Here is our winter in pictures!!

{Cousins Aniston & Brighton}
{Me holding Brighton McCall Lewis}
{Us at Grandma Anthony's viewing} I miss my grandma's ♥
{Aniston's Blessing Dress}
I decided I wanted to make a blessing dress for Aniston I briefly looked on the internet for dresses and didn't find anything. But I am obsessed with looking at wedding Dresses on J.Crew for some reason and one day when I was looking I found this one that I thought if turned into a blessing dress would be perfect.

{The inspiration}
this is not the exact dress I got the inspiration from but they already took it off their website so this one is really similar{The Result } up close
{Full length} It turned out perfect thanks to my mom she's amazing when it comes to this kind of stuff!