Sunday, July 29, 2012

{He's Here}

He's Here:
Beckham Bruce Evans
2 1/2 weeks early to be exact.
Everything about this labor was so different from when I had Aniston.

Interesting facts about my labor:

* Travis was at a golf tournament all day he got to the hospital 45 min before I delivered.
* I dilated from a 5 to 10 within 20 min.
* Total time at hospital before he arrived was about 2 1/2 hours
* I had my epidural 10 min. before delivering and it had not kicked in so I felt the whole thing. (talk about waste of an epidural!)
We were all completely in shock about how fast & unexpected everything was; but we are so glad that he is here safe & sound.
1st mother/son moment
First Family Photo of a Family of 4!
 Aniston tickling Beckham's toes
 Beckham ready to go home
Look at that Bleach blonde hair! I couldn't believe it when the Dr put this blonde, fair skinned baby in my hands, I was expecting him to look just like Travis. But he is one handsome little guy.
More pictures to come...