Sunday, July 29, 2012

{He's Here}

He's Here:
Beckham Bruce Evans
2 1/2 weeks early to be exact.
Everything about this labor was so different from when I had Aniston.

Interesting facts about my labor:

* Travis was at a golf tournament all day he got to the hospital 45 min before I delivered.
* I dilated from a 5 to 10 within 20 min.
* Total time at hospital before he arrived was about 2 1/2 hours
* I had my epidural 10 min. before delivering and it had not kicked in so I felt the whole thing. (talk about waste of an epidural!)
We were all completely in shock about how fast & unexpected everything was; but we are so glad that he is here safe & sound.
1st mother/son moment
First Family Photo of a Family of 4!
 Aniston tickling Beckham's toes
 Beckham ready to go home
Look at that Bleach blonde hair! I couldn't believe it when the Dr put this blonde, fair skinned baby in my hands, I was expecting him to look just like Travis. But he is one handsome little guy.
More pictures to come...


Jaryn Bunney said...

So happy for you guys!! He is beautiful! I love that it was a fast are awesome!!

Whittney and Ryan said...

Yay! So happy he is here safe and sound! I love the first family photo of the four of you!!!

Laura Garner said...

That's so crazy how fast it all went! I'm nervous about my second delivery that it'll go so fast I won't get a chance to get the epidural! But I guess it all worked out for you! Thats nice you went early and didnt have to endure the pregnancy much longer! He is such a cutie! Congrats!