Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Coupon Confessions}

Has anyone else ever watched the TLC show extreme couponing? I have recently discovered this and I find it so fascinating. I actually just got done watching it and now I have to admit I want to try it out... Does anybody out there do this and have any tips. Please let me know.

{Locks of LOVE}

So I feel like I am officially a mom! I chopped off my hair... It was a combination of needing a change, sick of trying to pull it out of Aniston's death grip, and never having the time to do it cute. But whatever the reasons I've always wanted to donate my hair to {locks of love} & it turned out I met the 10 in requirement, I actually surpassed it and cut 11in. I told myself if I hated the cut at least I would feel good that it was going to a good use.

Sorry the picture is upside down... I brought the pony tail in to get it ready to send off and Travis was really freaked out by it.. I'll admit it is a little weird.
And here is the new do... Aniston still some how gets her hands on it but it definitely is a lot easier to get her hands untangled

Monday, May 9, 2011

{Mr. Congeniality}

{Ten Weeks} has come and gone and I finally have my husband back! He has been gone for his police training and this past Friday we were able to go to Boise for his graduation. During the graduation they gave away a Leadership award {that was voted on by their peers} voting for the cop they would want as their back-up and Travis got it so I have been teasing him all weekend that he won the Mr. Congeniality award!! But all teasing aside I am so proud of him, he worked so hard and I know it was just as hard for him to be away us as it was for me & Aniston to not have him here.

{While we were sitting waiting for the graduation to start Travis's mom Debbie was holding Aniston and his Grandma Elnora started fanning her face with the program and she starting laughing so hard. She probably laughed for 15 min straight it was cute here's a little snipet.}