Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Coupon Confessions}

Has anyone else ever watched the TLC show extreme couponing? I have recently discovered this and I find it so fascinating. I actually just got done watching it and now I have to admit I want to try it out... Does anybody out there do this and have any tips. Please let me know.


Devry said...

I feel silly posting a comment on here when i can walk upstairs to tell you something. Preston and i watched this and our mouths were open in amazement the whole time! I guess figuring out how to coupon will be another summer project to put on the list! :]

kwest said...

I've been watching it too!! I watched it last night and I want to try it too.

I did find out that the key is to find stores that double coupons and no store in Utah will. Maybe Idaho will.

You figure it out and you can teach me :)

Shanna & Brad said...

Hey Janae! I've couponing for a month and I think it's a great hobby and a great way to get more bang for your buck with groceries. I'm still figuring out the ropes of couponing myself, but there are a few websites I would suggest if you are interested in trying it out:

These will tell you what coupons match up with sales at particular stores, and give you some great leads for online coupons. It takes a bit of time to get organized and figure it all out, but I think it will get easier with more experience. Hope this helps!