Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I absolutely love DR.Pepper... in the a bottle unless its from Horkley's which I miss and with french vanilla creamer.2. I love to shop but I have a hard time buying stuff. ( I have to be the saver because Travis has a lot of ideas for our money)3. I work at a surgical center and I love it because there are some entertaining things that happen there.4. If I had to shop at only two stores for the rest of my life they would be Forever 21 and TARGET!5. My husband and I love watching One Tree Hill together.6.One day I would love to live in a Big City like New York or even Vegas would do.7.Was voted Firthite Forever in high school and so far that it true8.Get overwhelmed with keeping up with facebook and my blog.9. Want to know how to do things right now and get frustrated when I can't do them.10.I have to change my hair dramatically every 3 months or so because I get bored. 11. I love looking at my friends blogs and seeing what exciting things they are doing.12. I also love to look at wedding pictures maybe thats because eventually I would love to open a bed and breakfast and wedding planning business with my sisters!! And we will name it the Dragon Fly Inn like off of Gilmore Girls.13. I loved to Country Dance and I want to teach Travis someday... I've been planting the seed since we started dating maybe one day he'll give in.14.Back when I was dating I was so embarrassed that I was deaf in one ear, I thought maybe that creeped people out. Now it doesn't bother me if people know!!15.I have my own pair of bowling shoes! They are awesome!16.I go through withdrawals if I don't see my nieces and nephews everyday. I guess thats a luxury when you live next door to each other.17. I love vacations even if it is just to SLC for the weekend!18. I have the most comfortable couches ever.. And Travis and I both fight over one certain spot.19. My favorite numbers are 10 & 8220. I think Sensual Amber lotion from Bath and Body Works is the only kind of lotion to have21.I bought a scentsy wall warmer for our upstairs but all of the outletsare upside down up there...SO FRUSTRATING.22. When Travis buys me a present 9 out of 10 times I can guess it. Like the bowling shoes how would you ever think of that but I guessed it!23.I like to be creative when making dinner so its a good thing that Travis will eat anything24.I've never really been into watching sports but I'm obsessed with Boston so I like the Celtics, Red Sox, and some might think this is a crime but I also like the Yankees25.I don't like animals especially cats but sometimes I act like I do because people think you're heartless if you don't like animals..I'm not heartless I promise!
By the way I am going through a zebra phase right now hence the background but its pretty cool huh? I might even buy a scentsy that is zebra print!!

Oh by the way to all those reading this and anybody you know Scentsy is having a special through Feburary giving 10% on all purchases so if you have anything that you need just let me know.