Monday, October 31, 2011

{Happy H"OWL"oween}

Isn't My little Owl so cute! I haven't been this excited for Halloween since I was in middle school. {Maybe it's because after I turned 12 I felt weird dressing up for Halloween} But it was so fun looking for ideas and making this costume for Aniston. I found the hat on etsy and this super easy tutorial on how to make the wings on pinterest.

We didn't really do much for Halloween cause Aniston hasn't been feeling good so we went to the community Trunk-or-Treat and to my parents house for chili.

Like I said before Aniston's been a little sick but she has been the best sick baby if that is such a thing. She hasn't been whinny or grumpy and she has taken 3 to 4 naps a day plus going to bed at 7pm and sleeping til 8am.

The wings have a little piece of elastic that fits on her little fingers to keep the wings attached to her arms. Aniston hated the elastic being on her finger so she was constantly trying to get it off; but it conveniently looked liked she was flapping her wings. Here's a video of it.