Monday, August 24, 2009

A lIttle Bit of {Now & Then}


Meet The girls who I love and Look up to so Much {Kapri, Jessica, Jill, Melody & Katie}. I am so blessed to have such great girls to be friends with. Well it's been a couple years since we all lived together but I still think about those days with these girls and laugh about all the things we went through together. This last week we were able to get together since Jill was in town from Chicago So I thought I'd put together a little picture tribute of now and then. (Somehow my picture from this week got erased from my memory card. So if one of you girls have a copy I would love it!)


So Many PROJECTS... So Little TIME

About three weeks ago Travis and I moved into a different apartment. So my mind hasn't stopped turning of ideas on how to decorate our apartment and make it feel like home. So I've finally got things unpacked and under control so now here come the projects.{ CURTAINS & QUILTS}

These bright colors make it so I {LOVE} to be in my kitchen cooking or even more surprising cleaning! I even want to paint my kitchen bright orange or green but my landlords {my MOM & DAD} thought that may be too extreme so I guess I will have convert them to the idea slowly!

This Damask style is what I am putting in my dining and living room! I have also been trying to find some wall paper this style to put on one wall but so far no luck so we'll start with this. When I showed my mom my fabric she said it reminded her of when she was a little girl and how she wanted some wall paper just like this. { I guess like mother like daughter}

Ok my favorite one of all! {Project ZEBRA} I have finally convinced Travis to let me decorate our room with zebra print. So I am not holding back. I found this zebra fabric and thought it would make our room complete. These projects are only a few of the ones I want to complete on my list but I have to continually tell myself I can only handle so many at a time. So once I have a finished project I will post pictures.