Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{How did this Happen?}

                            One Year Pics Dec. 2011                    Back to School Pics Aug. 2012

How did my baby go from this to? Where did the time go? I swear when I came home from the hospital after having Beckham she had grown this much over night! She is such a big girl now and so much fun!
She is constantly copying peoples sentences, dancing to her favorite song "Call me Maybe", and helping Beckham when he's cries. She is definitely our entertainment but also the source of my meltdowns. {Her fits make me want to throw fits.} A few of her favorites are;

*loves eating dirt and sucking on rocks
*always asks to play outside with our neighbor kids
*She can say Kellie but it sounds more like Kelyee and {she also calls Melody Kelyee} its the red hair I guess
*loves going on rides with Grandpa and always signs more when they are done so it melts my dad so he always ends up taking her on multiple rides.
*Not a fan of nursery yet {hopefully that will change}

Last week Kellie took Back to School Pictures of all the nieces and nephews so they let Aniston join in. She's a natural!

 So now that she is a big girl we decided she needed to move to her {Big Girl Bed} and I must say the transition has been a lot smoother than expected. Besides falling off the bed a few times she has stayed in it all night for a week now. After the first night you could tell she was proud and we gave many high fives for being a {big girl}. I tired sneaking into her room after the first night and taking pictures and here they are. She has what we call a magic blanket {she calls Keke}and she had to rub her fingers along the corners to fall asleep and she also does it when she wakes up, its quite funny because there is one certain corner she has to have {you can kind of see her doing it in some of the pictures}
  Gotta love the sleepy puffy eyes

 Man I love this big girl!

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Whittney and Ryan said...

She really did change so much in that time period! It was crazy I saw her in Nov and then just at our last visit and I could not believe it! She is just too cute!!! I love the "back to school" pics I am going to have to have you e-mail me some, so I can make some prints :)