Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Did you know Jef from the Bachelorette lived in PG}

 Ok so I know that I am obsessed but did you know Jef  from the Bachelorette lived in Pleasant Grove? Also did you know that a cupcake shop from Pleasant Grove competed on Cupcake Wars? Oh and Melody just met Cody Brown from sister wives at the ice cream place down the road!

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard

PG is the place to be especially cause that's where Melody, Brian & Baby Hadley live so we had to go visit. Don't worry we didn't run into anyone famous or really even leave the house cause tantrums were running wild but at least we got to spend time with Mel.
 We did go to a Korean restaurant in Provo that is so slow but so good, for example we sat there for 2 hours with 2 babies and a busy 20 month old to get our food but it really was worth it.

 Aniston loved the Beef Bulgolgi { she loves spicy foods just like her mom}
 Melody showed off her culinary skills and made creme brulee, {She let Aniston help}

 Aniston wearing my only purchase for the weekend, since shopping is quite hard with 2 kids we walked into Forever21 had enough to find these glasses before we had to walk right back out. But we survived!
As Aniston would say Luv You! See ya later...

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Laura Garner said...

That's so fun your babies are so close in age! :)