Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{MY Best Friends Baby Shower}

Lions, Tigers and Bears OH BOY! We thought we were being prepared by throwing the party in October two months before Devry's due date but little did we know that little Deakon was going to come early. He was born about a week and a half before the baby shower but Devry being a trooper and was still willing to have the party as planned. We went with a safari theme and it turned out so cute! {Here are a few moments from the shower...}
{The quilt that my family made}{Me & Devry-doesn't she look good for just having a baby! Hopefully I'm that lucky}
{Deakon's cute new stuffed animal} {For refreshments we had fruit and dip, and muffins and we named all the muffins with the safari in mind, like Choc. Chunky Monkey and Cheetah Crumb.}
{Made coconut lemonade my favorite!}

{ THe Diaper Cake & Invitation}

{Refreshment Table with Deakon's banner}


Maegan said...

you are so creative and i'm so jealous! really cute!

The Empey Fam! said...

what a cute idea!!! Good job! Devry looks WAY good!

Jill said...

Love that are so cute! What a fun party! I am so glad they are doing well! She looks great!

Whittney and Ryan said...

Cutest shower EVER!! You are in charge of mine when I have a baby, okay? See you at the shower this weekend!!