Monday, July 20, 2009

Boston Jersey, Craigo's Pizza, & Segways

One Big Difference that Travis and I have is concerning Birthdays: My Philosophy on Birthday's is go Big or go Home! Trav's philosophy he would cancel it if he could. So one of my goals in our marriage is to change his mind, which has been harder than I imagined.

So Travis's Birthday was first on the 5th of July and he actually shares his Birthday with my sister Kellie. So one of the things I did to try and make it a special day for him was hide random presents in everyday spots he goes or looks. For example I got him a nice belt to replace his stretchy baseball belt he's been wearing everyday. Well I hung it on our bathroom door with a special note.

Another thing I wanted to do was invite his family over for cake and ice cream. He has been having such a great time golfing with his dad and brothers this summer that I thought it would be fun to make him a golf cake. Well lets just say it didn't turn out quite how I wanted but isn't it the thought that counts.

Ok Now for my Birthday! Travis did such a good job in trying to make it a special day for me. The best part is he tried surprising me by renting segways for the night.( He gets so mad because I always guess his secrets). But i was still way excited we have been talking about doing this for a couple months now.

So we rode around Idaho Falls for a couple hours just the two of us and than we met up with my family at the community park and had Craigo's Buffalo Wing Thing pizza and we let my family try out the segways. We were so shocked that my 4 & 6 Year old nieces and nephews were able to ride them so easily. Now all they want to do for their birthdays is rent segways.

One of the Best Parts of my Birthday is the present Travis got me. As most of you probably know Travis and I have major differences when it comes to baseball teams. He's all for the Braves and I'm all for THe Boston Red Sox mostly because I love the City Boston, and because they are awesome. So I have been telling him that I want a Red Sox Jersey and he kept on refusing saying that it would be going against everything he believes. So he definelty surprised me when I opened up my present to see an authentic Boston Jersey I absolutely love it. Man that guy must love me if he's going against everything he believes! All in-all it was a great Birthday( The only thing missing was Melody and Mom they weren't there they were in Nashville For FCCLA Nationals.) But they definetly hooked me up with some good presents so I guess I'll let them off the hook.


The Calderwood's said...

Yay you actually updated your blog!! It looks like you two are still as fun as you always are!! I miss you guys and we really need to get together soon!! maybe another rupes trip...?! Well love ya girlie and happy belated birthday to both of you!!

Shanna said...

Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. I love Boston, too. That jersey looks awesome on you!

Jill said...

That is the cutest birthdays ever...I am horrible at birthdays I never plan anything. I love your ideas!

Kapri said...

What a great birthday! I love that idea! I'm stealing it! I'm so glad you updated our blog, keep it coming!

Whittney and Ryan said...

haha ryan is the same way about birthdays what's with those boys, i am working on changing his mind too!! i love the boston jersey!!!