Thursday, March 12, 2009

Police make me nervous...

So a couple weekends ago Melody had come down and we were driving to Idaho Falls to meet Kapri for lunch. Well I had to take Trav's car because he has been pulled over like 6 times in the month for his front head light being out. So I thought I'd save Travis another late night pull-over experience and take his car. Well as Melody and I are driving down one of the back roads I noticed there was a cop behind me. Cops just make me so nervous and I just knew if they followed me long enough they would find some reason to pull me over. So I made a decision to turn early and continue on our way hoping the cop wouldn't follow.

So thats exactly what I did I took the early turn well so did the cop. This is when I really start to get nervous. I knew that he was following me know so I was trying to find a way to lose him and Melody comes up with a bright idea!! There was this Christ Community Church and people were pulling in so Melody told me to turn in and act like we were going to church. So of course I followed her advice. After a few minutes of sitting in the parking lot we decide to head back on our way but we decided to go back the way we were going in the first place.

So a couple of minutes pass by and I look back in my mirror and I swore I saw the cop car behind me. Melody convinced that it was just a car with a ski rack. Well after it snuck up closer it was defintely the cop.

By this time I am freaking out! How did he find me? How did he know I was trying to lose him?
So Melody decides we need to make a cover story for ditching into the church parking lot. So our plan was to say we were "dropping of a casserole?"

Now 5 minutes of full out panick has gone by and I still have not been pulled over. Plus I wasn't sure the speed limit for the road we were on so I was going 25.. I just wanted to get pulled over and get it over with. We finally turn down the last stretch until we were we needed to be to meet Kapri and of course the cops lights flip on.

So I finally pull over and am gearing up for what is to come and what relief I had when I saw this shorter blonde hair guy step out of the car. I flung open my door and starting dying laughing. It was one of our good friends from BYU-Idaho, he has just started his job as a cop in Idaho Falls. I was so relieved, but one of the best parts is he couldn't figure out who was with me so he tried calling Travis to ask him when I started going to this new church...
Well maybe not all cops are so bad.. Some have sense of humors!!


The Empey Fam! said...

hahahaha Thats Hilarious!! I was laughing so hard! "dropping off a casserole!!!" hahaha I am laughing so hard

Dye Family said...

I hope you don't mind me peeking in. I found you off of Dev's blog.
That's a awesome story...definitely one to post!

Whittney and Ryan said...

haha i love it Ryan and I ran into your friend that pulled you over a few days later and he told us the story I was dying, and felt bad for you, I hate the feeling of getting pulled over!! Glad it was not for reals!